Healthcare in LTC/Nursing Homes is an ongoing struggle in the province of Ontario and Canada as a whole. Above is a recent break down of the ownership of the LTC/Nursing Homes in Canada.

Unifor Local 302 is in the process of securing a new collective agreement with Chesley Park Nursing Home/Southbridge. The government allocated money to this sector over the past 2 years to help support the LTC/Nursing Homes through this current pandemic. This employer continues to refuse to come to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair agreement for their frontline workers. As always, the employer soon forgets who looked after and cared for the residents during this difficult time. The senior leadership of this facility, and numerous more across our great country continue to line their pockets with government money, at the expense of the residents and our workers. Here are some pictures from the information picket line on April 12, 2022. Note in some of the pictures below the employer is thanking their staff on the sign for all the public to see. This statement seems to be a bit of a double standard when they won’t even sit at the table and bargain a new collective agreement for the very staff they are supposedly thanking and telling the general public how much they care for them.

On April 19th, 2022 from 1 to 4 pm if anyone has some free time, please drop by Southbridge London located at Middleton Avenue & Wharncliffe Road (west of Tepperman’s on Wharncliffe).