Well here we are, the end of an era…

In this last video while the final Equinox runs down our lines we have:

  • President Brent Tree, speaking on the news of the Local.
  • All 3 Local 88 Cami Benefits Reps with tons of information on the upcoming layoff.
  • Cami Plant Chair Mike Van Boekel talking about job postings, vacation picks and more.

One point of clarification before you watch: In Mike’s section on vacations he forgot to clarify that to book vacation time, for production folks, from July 4 until Dec 2, 2022 email Kevin Harvey
For dates after December 2nd we will be picking at the union hall when you are there to do job postings. We will have all the contact info discussed in the video listed below.

You can read the transcript here.

Important Numbers & Link to EI Reporting Guide

  • Brent Tree: Office (519) 425-0952 ext 101; Cell (519) 317-6059
  • Linda Leyten: Office (519) 425-0952 ext 102; Cell (519) 636-2415


GM Cami Contact

Tyler Vere: Phone (519) 792 2725; Email tyler.vere@gm.com