Please be aware of the details when filing for EI. 

This is a normal layoff, requiring people to apply for REGULAR EI BENEFITS.
There is no reference code for this layoff, there has been a request to Service Canada .
There is a one week waiting period – most people have served the waiting period during the last layoff.
If you didn’t apply last time, or if you didn’t do your reporting during the last layoff, you will be required to serve the one week waiting period.
The governments removal of the one week waiting period is presently only for EI sickness claims that require the individual to self-isolate.
Please Note: There is no
SUB top-up for the EI sickness type of benefit so make sure you choose the normal layoff option NOT EI Sickness  

Discussions are on-going with Unifor, GM, Service Canada, and the Government. Many of these items are subject to change.

For specific questions with your reporting, please contact the Benefits Office.
226-825-8533 / 226-825-8534 / 226-825-8535