Attached is the company memo regarding Electronic (Online) Postings.

Online Hourly Posting Process

Two main issues have been identified with our current posting process. With the number of monthly retirements, the sheer volume of posting slips each round is reaching into the hundreds, some well over a thousand. The rotating layoffs are also delaying the posting process causing lengthy delays in the ability to continue the posting process and getting our members into their new jobs.

Due to those issues, the Union and GM have moved forward with our agreement made in bargaining to implement an electronic posting system. The new system will begin September 21.  The postings will still go up on the posting boards as well as on-line. There will also be a computer kiosk at the main posting board outside Employee Relations for those that do not have access to a computer or smart phone. You will be able to post from anywhere provided you have internet access. The system continues to be tested to ensure a smooth transition.

Details of how the new system will operate will be out shortly.

In Solidarity
The Inplant Committee