The company has put out a memo stating that everyone is mandated to fill out an employment equity survey.

In our last contract, the company forced us to accept 30% of our members being treated like second class workers – less pay, no pensions, etc in order for us to be awarded the Brightdrop.

They are making billions and billions in profits and force new members into concessions. That is equality????

Now GM want to promote themselves as being equitable and fair to all people?????

Their salary staff weren’t laid off in 2021 during the months and months of downtime and didn’t suffer any monetary loss.

Before GM worries about equality for everyone, they could start with their own workforce that is going to work here.

You are not mandated to fill out this survey!!!  If they want us to fill out a survey, they can relieve each person, one at a time and pay you to fill it out on company time.

Mike Van Boekel