The following list shows how many weeks of lay off each member has as of April 8, 2022.
The number of weeks as of May 1st will likely be 3 less than the number you have on the chart, because you will not be on lay off for April 2022.
This number increases only when a week of lay off week occurs and there was no lay off during that same week the previous year.

A member with 25 weeks on May 1st would likely gain
3 weeks in June (=28)
2 weeks in July (for shutdown 2021) (=30)
2 weeks November (rotating layoffs) (=32)
2 weeks December (rotating layoffs) (=34)
4 weeks in January (most people were not on lay off)
ESA option occurs for Feb 1st retirement if eligible

The ESA payout option occurs when a member has 35 weeks in the previous 52-week period.