There will be a meeting for the former EMC members on Wednesday, February 23 at our Union Hall, regarding the SUB Arbitration Resolve.
The hope was to have the meeting this week, but we are going to try and have each person’s individual numbers ready for that meeting in regards to their 9.1 option.
Talks continue with the company about timing and dates when members can leave. One more week should enable us to give everyone a solid timeline, and give us the ability to answer all your questions.

February 23, 2022
Afternoon shift will meet 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Day shift will meet 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

The 9.1 option that was negotiated is now within reach for the majority of former EMC members.  Please remember you must be 60 years of age and have 10 years of seniority. (you can leave at age 59, provided you turn 60 before officially retiring).  If you have questions about benefits in retirement, pension questions, etc. please fee free to sit with one of our benefit reps to go over your options and help make an informed decision on the 9.1 option.

If you have any questions that are pressing, please reach out to me anytime. I will hopefully be able to answer them or can research them and get answers.

My desk phone 226-825-8531  Cell 519-608-4298

Mike Van Boekel