GM plants across North America are rolling out their own Facebook groups in an attempt to reach their employees, including salaried, hourly, and contract workers.


In this new world and uncertain times, it’s important that information is shared transparently and efficiently. This group along with our current union online methods of communications will provide our members with the most up-to-date information possible.


*Please note:  Along with our current social media avenues, this is also considered an extension of our workplace. All rules governing harassment and social media are in effect. Please use caution when posting anything on social media sites, as we can not guarantee anonymity.

Please be respectful.

Unifor Local 88 is no way connected, affiliated, or endorses the GM Canada CAMI Assembly Facebook group.

Any questions regarding posts in the GM CAMI group need to be forwarded to GM Cami Assembly.

Please read the following communication from GM Cami Assembly.

“Hello to the entire CAMI Assembly team!

 We are excited to announce a new employee Facebook group for all current team members (hourly, salary, and contract). Now, more than ever, it’s important to us that we communicate with you as quickly and effectively as possible. Our goal, in the coming days, is to open the lines of communication to all of our team members and work together as One Team.

 By joining this group (yes it is voluntary!), you will have access to important business updates and be able to stay connected like never before.

 Now, more than ever, our team is looking at ways to stay connected and engaged.

– Linda Trbizan” Plant Manager”


To join the group, you must request access using your own personal Facebook account, you will then be prompted to enter some details like your GMIN(salary) or Employee # (hourly) and acknowledge some rules of engagement.

Once we receive your request to join, we will confirm that your employment status is active.

Now, more than ever, our team is looking at ways to stay connected and engaged.

We hope that you’ll join us by visiting:

Barry Vickery, 

Communications Manager, GM CAMI.


We welcome this additional tool for information sharing. We thank everyone for their patience.

Unifor Local 88 Communications Committee