Hello Unifor Local 88,
We are getting in touch with you because we understand that you are the workers at the Ingersoll GM plant that manufacture Brightdrop electric vehicles.
The GoBolt Drivers Union are last mile parcel delivery drivers for a so-called ‘socially and environmentally responsible’ company called GoBolt.
Back in June we unionized with Teamsters local 938. A few months later on September 28, during union first contract negotiations, all 23 of us from the Markham facility were terminated overnight, a day before our third bargaining session.
The company announced its intention to transition to a ‘fleet operator’ model and replace us (not just us, but all of their full-time drivers in North America) with new drivers working for small third-party companies who get their workers from temp agencies. The new drivers will be driving the same electric vehicles as us – the unionized drivers – did previously.
Soon, these new non-union drivers will be driving the Brightdrop vehicles we believe are manufactured at your plant. Some GoBolt delivery drivers in Calagary are already driving Brightdrop EVs.
We’ve now been out of work for over a months, and our local has filed a ULP – we are currently awaiting a ruling on interim reinstatement over the next 2 weeks. Many of us have experienced financial hardship holding the line over the last 5-6 weeks after being fired for joining a union.
We have already launched a public campaign to be rehired, and have had some favourable media coverage. You can find links to our social media, our campaigns, media coverage, our solidarity GoFundMe hardship fund, and other information here:
But today we are reaching out to you to ask for your support in our struggle against this company and their union-busting CEO, Mark Ang.
Any kind of strongly-worded statement you can make against GoBolt’s egregious behaviour would be extremely helpful right now.
Mark Ang needs to know that the labour movement has their eyes on this and that other unions – particularly ones involved in the production of his beloved electric vehicles – will not stand for this.
You can see the Teamsters Canada statement here:
Please consider our request! The more people, unions, and labour-based organizations that Mark Ang knows is watching, the more likely this is to be resolved in our favour. Mark Ang cares deeply about his company’s public image, and cares particularly about his electric vehicles. If the workers responsible for producing them come out strong against what he is trying to do to his drivers for unionizing, it will be a big statement that he cannot ignore and will lift our spirits to continue our fight.
GoBolt is hell-bent on continuing the trend of destroying good Canadian jobs and replacing them with contract work. This fight isn’t just about us, it’s about the future of work in this country.
Brothers and sisters, thank you for reading this, and I hope you consider our request.
Dan O’Hara
(416) 803-8171
GoBolt Drivers Union