The last couple of days has been very frustrating & hectic for many members as a result of what Service Canada has paid out. This has resulted in hundreds of calls to our 3 Benefits Representatives (Jeff Bankes, Stephan Cronin & Rob Gallace) , Mike VanBoekel and Joe Graves. In our discussions with our members we have explained that the Liberal Government has put together a program called C.E.R.B/E.I. E.R.B. and at this time will not allowed our S.U.B. to be paid, without penalty of being deducted dollar for dollar. The new C.E.R.B/E.I. E.R.B. programs are unlike pre-existing EI plans, it is the product of a special interim order. The qualification criteria restrict recipients from receiving other employment income while accessing the emergency benefit. Unifor National have been bringing our concerns to government officials, staff, policy makers on a daily basis. Shane Wark assistant to President Jerry Dias has assured us that his staff will continue to lobby the federal officials, E.I. Commissioner, Ministerial staff and opposition members of Parliament to get this issue resolved. Our next update will be to explain what actions the Liberals have taken to correct this situation.

Service Canada Offices

The Service Canada offices will be closed April 10 to 13th and opening again on April 14, 2020. Any concerns or questions you have with your E.I./C.E.R.B. benefit can not be addressed till Tuesday, please be patient, thank you.

Happy Easter

We want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and please enjoy the time this pandemic has created with your immediate family. This Easter will be one everyone will remember for the rest of their lives, please make it a memorable weekend for everyone in your household. Please stay at home and stay safe.

In Solidarity