We have received confirmation from Unifor National and Service Canada regarding the $2000 Inflation Protection Bonus.
This bonus will not adversely affect members with active EI claims.

Members on IMP benefits will be required to write the $2,000 bonus in box 1 of their IMP forms. The bonus will be allocated against your IMP payment for the week. One way to mitigate this, is to put paid vacation or banked time in for the week of December 4 to 10, 2022.
For vacation requests please email kevin.harvey@gm.com

The $2000 Inflation Protection Bonus will be paid out to eligible members on Dec. 15, 2022, payment for earnings of the previous week (December 4-10, 2022).
Options for contributing to RRSP can be found in earlier post “Further info INFLATION PROTECTION BONUS”.

While filing your EI reports you are required to report these earnings.

While Reporting For the week December 4 to Dec 10th, 2022 (the period which the bonus is paid).
Under “Other Money” There is a statement;
“Our records indicate you are receiving money from a Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB) plan. Is there any other money that you have not previously told us about, that you received or will receive for the period of this report?”

You are to answer “yes” if the only money you receive will be that Inflation Protection Bonus and your SUB. You will then be directed (or instructed) to speak to a service representative regarding this money.