There will be an opportunity to sign up for severing, calculation for ESA monies, and the ability to initiate Retirement.

Sign up sessions – 9am until 11am
Tuesday January 17, 2023

If you intend to use you ESA payment to contribute to your, and/or your spouse’s, RRSP, you will need to bring the following information.

Personal RRSP Information

  • Name of Financial Institution (FI)
  • Courier Address of Financial Institution
  • FI Contact
  • FI phone number
  • RRSP account number

Spousal RRSP Information

  • Name of spouse’s Financial Institution (FI)
  • Courier Address of spouse’s Financial Institution
  • Spouse’s FI Contact
  • Spouse’s FI phone number
  • Spouse’s RRSP account number

For Pension-Eligible Members;

The Benefits Representatives will meet with you and take down your information to initiate the retirement process.
You will not need to make a decision at this meeting on which pension you want to take at this point.
A package will be mailed to you by the GM Benefits Centre and will take a few weeks after initiation to arrive. This package will contain the paperwork you need and the options you may choose for you pension.