On April 23, 2020 Mike VanBoekel and myself did an information video with the help of our Communication Committee members. The response to the video was overwhelming and many of our members thank us for the information. We will be posting the next video on  April 30, 2020, with the help of our Communication Committee members. We will continue to do weekly updates till we return to work and keep the questions coming.

On the benefits side I’ll go over some of the major points in the video. We now have approximately 1200 members who are on E.I. & S.U.B., a correction was made for about 240 members who were not receiving their S.U.B.

We have approximately 500 members on the new (C.E.R.B.) Canadian Emergency Response Benefit that are entitled to S.U.B. and are not receiving it yet. The issue of getting our members their S.U.B. is still going through the government levels and hopefully it gets resolved soon.

Pension credits while on layoff, there definitely seems to be some misunderstanding on this issue and hopefully this will clear the issue up. If you have received pay for at least 170 hours from January to March 20, 2020 you are being credited with pension credits while on lay off. It does not matter if you’re collecting S.U.B. or C.E.R.B, the qualifier is 170 hours pay.

Our dental coverage will cease on April 30, 2020. Most dentists are only performing emergency procedures but if you or family attend the dentist in May before you return to work you will not be covered.

The last thing is the General Membership Meeting April 2020 has been cancelled. Please continue to keep you and your families safe.