Welcome Back!!

It has been a long time coming but we are finally seeing more and more production members walking the shop floors.  A shift production returns as the first full production shift, all production shifts will be 7am-3pm until further notice.

Production Return to Work
A Shift returns – Monday, January 30
B Shift returns – Monday, February 6, 2023
C Shift Returns – Monday February 13, 2023

Following the three single-weeks of orientation, the schedule for two-week rotation is available on the website (www.unifor88.ca)
A tour is included in your orientation so everyone will have a good look at each department. It really does look different, especially the paint shop which is now wide open.
There is a lot going on right now, we are planning a video in February to update everyone on the different topics such as postings, union representation, bargaining, production updates, etc.

Return to Work & Rotating layoffs

If you return to work and are laid off again you will need to reapply for EI benefits each time you go on layoff unless you are approved for a new claim.

 If your EI Claim is denied you will need to submit the denial letter to the Canadian_suboffice@gm.com

The denial letter is mailed to you once a decision is made on your claim, you may access it faster via your MyServiceCanada Account under “view my letters”. We are unable now to acquire the denial letters for you. Anyone that was on IMP may qualify for SUB following their return to work, as it is recalculated at the start of each layoff. SUB weeks need to be exhausted prior to going back on IMP benefits. SUB weeks can be seen on your paystub on the ADP app.

Dental & Benefits

When returning to work, be aware that dental does not start on your recall date, but on the first day of the next month.

Example #1: You return on January 30, dental will start from Feb 1st
Example #2: You return on Feb 6, dental will start from March 1st

Please be aware that there is a delay in General Motors sending the return list to Green Shield. If dental is reactivated Feb 1st, it may not show as active right away. If your dental claim is denied please keep your receipts and contact one of us, so we can contact the manager of Health Care benefits to have it reprocessed. As always, all other benefits are active.


We’ve been getting an increasing number of people receiving notices from Service Canada either integrity or overpayment notices about the bonuses. If you receive a notice from Service Canada, please contact one of us, as we are working on finding solutions to these letters.

At the Union Hall

We will continue to keep a benefits rep at the union hall for members to access daily. We now have a new location in the union hall by the president’s office. This will hopefully make it easier for our active members and retirees to come see us about benefit issues. No matter if you took the commuted value or monthly feel free to come see us.

Reminder about benefits

We just want to put a reminder that we do not have semi-private hospital coverage, that benefit ended in October of 2010.
With us returning to work, if you need orthotics, please ensure you use a provider that has been approved by Green Shield. Green Shield no longer allows exemptions to orthotics purchased from non-approved providers.
Prescription safety glasses can be obtained by asking your area leader or BUL for a form. There is a list on the form of the places you can go to get the prescription filled. This cost will be covered by the company.