First 3 to Post for New BrightDrop Jobs

We have been busy at the union hall getting ready for the job and vacation selection process.

We went ahead and brought in a few people to test the system out.

In the picture (above) we have the 3 most senior members to select their jobs for Brightdrop and then choose their vacation.

In the picture are Ed Lee, Joan Fonk and Ron Baron.

The process officially begins Monday, May 16.

This is a reminder for everyone to check the schedule and make sure you show up on your date.

Also, if you are grandfathered you will still need to pick your vacation.

Again there is no need to book 2 weeks for summer shutdown this summer.

Pick times are from 9-11 at the union hall and we ask the people who pick first each day to please show up by 9am.

We have 5 computers set up to look at the jobs – the company tried to video how the jobs will look.

Visit here to see the picking schedule.Posting & Seniority List