We want to give an update on the job selection and vacation selection process after the first 3 days.

  • feel free to come in any morning and look at the jobs – you don’t have to wait for your day to come and look at the jobs – there are no job descriptions for materials, just areas where the teams will be working
  • you can come in anytime after 8am – people have been coming early and visiting friends and co-workers, we have started picking jobs by 8:45 each day
  • arrive early, we have been going through these very quickly – the last selection of each day has been done before 10:30, so if your near the end of that days list, still aim to be here by 10am
  • there is no rush, please don’t feel any pressure to pick your job, take your time and decide what is best for you
  • you don’t have to wait in the parking lot, please feel free to walk in once you arrive
  • first you pick your job, then you go across the hall and pick your vacation

The first 3 days of job selections should be on the website later today, if not early tomorrow.