PLEASE NOTE: This fundraising effort is separate and unrelated to the fundraising effort for the Zavyalova Family by Unifor Local 88.  We are sharing this for information purposes only.


Ukraine is currently facing the worlds largest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. Over 10 million Ukrainians have have been displaced  in the last month alone.  There have been over 3.5 million Ukrainian women, children and seniors forced to  flee to neighbouring countries, seeking a safe haven from the war that has ravaged their homeland. These refugees require Immediate relief including, safe shelter, food, water and medical care.

The need for assistance  is overwhelming but we as Canadians can help ensure that the Ukrainian people are not alone in their darkest hour.  We will stand with the people of Ukraine by offering a helping hand. As a brother would help his own brother. As a sister would help own her sister. As a mother would help another mother, and as a father would help a fellow father in their time of need.

The purpose of this raffle is to  raise money to assist in the humanitarian relief efforts underway in Ukraine and assist those fleeing from war.  All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the London Ukrainian Centre who will be forwarding them on to the various agencies in and around Ukraine to help those most in need.

Together we can offer a helping hand to those that truly need it most.  Slava Ukraini.

This auction goes live on April 1, 2022.