Today marks the 1st day of Mental Health month, and what perfect timing to inform the membership of the “Mental Health – Through our eyes (EFAP)” paintings to be framed and put on display in the EFAP office today!!!

I would once again like to thank Doris DeVries / Jeff Roberts / Robert Theriault / and Nancy Pulham for their beautiful expressions of Mental Health on canvas backdrops – Thank you, I appreciate each piece immensely  –  They have brought comfort and warmth to the EFAP room.

If you would like to see these pieces, please feel free to come to the EFAP office.  The office is located in the administration building adjacent to the medical department.  I would be honored to show them to each of you.

I will be posting the actual paintings at the end of the month for those that could not wait until then)

In Solidarity,

David Simmons 

Unifor / EFAP /addictions representative
Office: 226.825.8705
Cell: 519.521.7051