Hello Local 88 Family!

Mental Health month has ended but the fight/struggle continues for so many, regardless of what our calendars say…I’m reaching out to our artistic local 88 members skilled with the talent of painting. I would like to see what those members dealing with mental health concerns/issues look like in a painting and to be hung up in the EFAP office for others to see. 

I’m looking for 4 members comfortable with sharing their vision of what mental health through their eyes look like…a minimum of 2 ft by 3 ft and up to 4 ft by 4 ft on a canvas base…I will case/frame each piece myself – as well as a small 2-4 sentence writeup of what their vision means to them (optional)

Your piece will remain on the walls of the EFAP office for others to appreciate, and hopefully get a better understanding of what mental health could mean to so many others.

This is NOT a competition; I am limited for space and 4 pieces is all that will fit in the EFAP office, but I will take what I can if there are more members interested. Your paintings will be put up somewhere regardless of office space.

I look forward to seeing what our members have to offer. Those who wish to take place can contact me using my information below.

And remember, You are not alone….

In solidarity,

David Simmons 

Unifor / EFAP /addictions representative
Office: 226.825.8705
Cell: 519.521.7051
Email: davidlsimmons1@gmail.com