We are facing a great deal of change very soon with saying goodbye to the Equinox and saying hello to the Brightdrop EV, and although some of us are quite excited regarding this transition there are many others facing a difficult challenge.  


Mental health is not a phase, nor is it a choice.  It’s REAL and there is no magical pill or words of wisdom that can erase what another person is feeling.  These uncomfortable feelings are the same as you would feel as if you were grieving the loss of a loved one.  Grievance has many stages and this process is based on LOSS and not just the loss of a loved one, but the loss of (person place or thing).  The feeling of loss can also be felt with positive news as well…such as getting a new job etc – it may not be the job you are feeling the grievance, but the people you worked with.

Being that we all deal with grievance in our own way, please let’s not be judgmental to those that struggle with their process. 

We will be down for a significant period of time due to this transition but I want to let our membership and your family know that the company has decided to allow myself (Dave Simmons EFAP/addictions rep) and Alex McCoy (Human Rights Employment Equity /Women’s Advocate rep) the opportunity to work ONE week of the month, each.  

Alex McCoy will be working the first week of the month and I (Dave Simmons) will be working the 3rd week of the month, commencing in the beginning of June.  

What I will say is that we may be off 3 weeks of the month, but we will continue to be available to you (the membership and your families).

In solidarity,

Alex McCoy:
email: alexandra.mccoy@gm.com

cell: 519-521-7052

Dave Simmons:
email: davidlsimmons1@gmail.com

cell : 519-521-7051

pastedGraphic.png         Available 24/7 (call for crisis)