CAMI did not publish a new extension of our layoffs this week.  Also, the pick-up truck plants are back running.  It appears the layoff situation may be coming to an end sooner than later.  Right now we are scheduled to return to work on Monday, October 18, I would think we should know for sure by the end of next week.  Let’s hope we are finally through this and we can continue to run.

Our benefit reps put together a pay chart for all classifications with the new pay increases that started on September 27.

Also, I did put an update out this week about vaccinations.  It was NOT an opinion piece, it was just reporting the facts that our Unifor Legal department stated to us on how courts and the Human Rights tribunal were ruling.  GM still have not tipped their hand on any vaccination policy and regardless our members did a great job over the past 1.5 years of staying vigilante and following our protocols as we never encountered a break out within the plant.  Whatever GM decides, each of us is an adult, we can each make our own decisions.  We don’t need to bash each other over personal decisions.

Enjoy the nice weather, looks like a nice day to stop typing, get outdoors and let the dog take you for a walk!  Take care, stay safe, and hopefully we will see all of you back soon!

Mike Van Boekel