As 2023 comes to a close we reflect back on a year, that has seen the membership of local 88 struggle once again. The membership continued to deal with layoffs never seen before at our plant. These layoffs have led to members requiring help from many different sources. I would like to thank the inplant leadership. for all their time and effort they put into servicing all the members of local 88.  I would also like the thank the Executive Board members for their hard work keeping the local finances in check. This was no easy task with the drastic reduction in dues coming into the local.

The local was able to secure the new battery assembly department for members of local 88. The new department will go a long way in helping to offset the job lose, seen when the plant transformed to all electric vehicle assembly plant.  In September during the D-3 bargaining we were able to secure an enhanced sub benefit along with continued dental coverage for our members during the latest round of layoffs announced by our employer.

Looking ahead to 2024, the plan from the employer is to have everyone back to work. This will be a welcome change for our members who have been laid off more than they worked the past 3 plus years.

The local has a busy year ahead with the Triennial elections in the May/ June timeframe, and a new contract to be negotiated before the current agreement expires in September.  Book mark the local website The local will keep the membership informed of important information via the website.

Happy New Year and take care of yourself and your families.

Brent Tree