The next retiree meeting will be May 8th at 12 noon. The agenda will include an election for the positions not filled in the general election.
Vice -Chair ( fills in during any absence of the chair)
Recording Secretary ( records minutes of the Retiree committee meeting)
Financial Secretary ( works with the Locals Financial Secretary to administrator our funds)
Also there will be an election for Area Council Delegate (3). ( attends area council meetings, approximately every other month)
Also an election for Retiree Convention Delegate (2) . ( attends Retiree Convention in Port Elgin, the week starts the Monday of Labour Day. As well as any other Retiree conventions the National may call).
All positions are for a 3 year term.
Congratulations to the newly elected Committee, led by Emerson Cornish as Chair.
Dan LeFrank- Sgt at Arms
Cindy Malan, Doug White- Trustees
The Local Union encourages all eligible Retiree’s to get involved with your Retiree Chapter.
In Solidarity
Dan LeFrank