Please be advised, as indicated in previous updates, the company has booked the unscheduled paid vacation hours
into the weeks January 8 to February 25, 2023, inclusive.
For EI reporting purposes members who had unscheduled Paid Vacation Hours may want to know which weeks their vacation was paid to report correctly and avoid overpayment issues.
As these weeks are quickly approaching, we are attempting to reach those members by telephone.

If you would like to know if/when you had paid vacation hours inputted by the company during this period,
please reach out to any of the following emails to receive you scheduled weeks (if any) via email.

***Please include your Name and 9-digit GMIN number***

If you are unsure of which vacation weeks you have previously scheduled please contact your department (as opposed to the vacation that has been forced as described above)
Assembly –
Welding –
Paint –
Materials –
Quality –