With the RRSP deadline and the Production and Quality Bonus (P&Q Bonus) timing, payout of the P&Q Bonus during layoff is an issue.

Members may choose to remain on layoff and receive the P&Q Bonus (in Cash or RRSP) upon their return.

Members who wish to be paid out Feb 25th may elect to take the week of Feb 15th, 2021 as full week (40 hours) of paid vacation/and or BankTime and receive the payment on Feb 25th.

If you have unscheduled/scheduled paid vacation or BankTime available during the rest of the vacation year, and you wish to move it into the week of Feb 15th to enable payment of the P&Q Bonus in cash or designated to your RRSP for Feb 25th you must email Employee Relations by February 17th, 2021.

Email both ER reps below.

  • sheri.adams@gm.com
  • jon.nunn@gm.com