There has been much confusion about this topic.

The Local 88 Benefits Committee would like members to know that this is not mandatory.  It is completely voluntary.  Members should only do this if they want to.  Members do not have to report this to EI.


Changes to reporting vacation with EI.

There has been a recent change to reporting for vacation with Service Canada for your EI claim.

When reporting for your week of vacation, Service Canada wants you to answer “NO” to Wages and Earnings for that week, but to answer “YES” to “Other Monies”.

This will throw a warning on your report when you finish it and require you to call 1-800-531-7555 or you can call 1-800-206-7218 – press “0” right away to get a Service Canada agent.

Explain that the week was vacation pay and how much it was.

We have been told by Service Canada that they are not allocating vacation pay from September 27th, 2020 to September25th, 2021.

So, if you reported your vacation pay as earnings in those weeks, please call Service Canada to have them amend your reports for any past weeks of vacation. You may end up with both a vacation payment and an EI payment for the same week, but no SUB.


In Solidarity,

Benefits Committee