The September video update is live.

In this update President Brent Tree and Unit 1 Plant Chair Mike Van Boekel
*Please note: there was a small problem with file sharing prior to editing so we lost the first few minutes of Brent Tree’s video.We are including his complete notes to make sure nothing was missed. The event posters Brent speaks of can be found on this website.

Brent Tree's notes

September 21, 2022 Video Update
Around the Office/Hall 

The Union Hall continues to see an increase in usage and rentals as things continue to adapt to the new normal. 

Upcoming events:
Texas Hold’em Poker tournament will take place at Unifor Local 88 on October 15, 2022 check our website and Facebook page for more information on how-to sign-up. Sponsored by POEM Council. 

Person’s Day Gala Saturday October 22, 2022 ticket are $40 each and can be purchased from Linda McTrowe or Linda Leyten. Sponsored by Unifor Local 88 Women’s Committee

Halloween Party October 29, 2022 check our website and Facebook page for poster and more information Sponsored by the Unifor Local 88 Recreation Committee.

Local Standing Committees are now able to meet again in person and are always looking for new members. Meeting rooms are available to meet before and after the General Membership Meeting or if another time is more convenient, please check with Linda Leyten first for room available to hold your committee meetings.

Port Elgin update

 PEL applications are now complete for the Fall 2022 session. When members are attending PEL Course during layoff and receiving EI, SUB, or IMP you must report 40 hours earning and enter the gross amount Unifor National is your employer for PEL Courses below is the employer information. If anyone requires further information or assistance, please contact one of the benefits representatives

Stephan Cronin  
226 825 8533
519 521 6523 (cell)

Rob Gallace  
226 825 8534           
519 521 7609 (cell)

 Jeff Bankes  
226 825 8535
519 521 6724 (cell)

Unifor National 
115 Gordon Baker Rd
Toronto, ON
M2H 0A8
1 (416) 497-4110

Covid – 19 

Southwestern Public will be holding Covid – 19 Vaccine Clinics at Unifor Local 88 Hall on Tuesday’s from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm the following months of August, September, October, November and December. Appointments are now necessary 

In closing on behalf of the leadership of Unifor Local 88.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy summer and please drive safe and watch for all the little ones now that school is back. We look forward to when our members are all back to work building the new Brightdrop product. 

In Solidarity 
President   Brent Tree 
519 425 0952 ext. 101 office 
519 317 6059 cell