Step Sciences orthotics will be at the union hall (364 Victoria St., Ingersoll) from 9am to 5pm on Wednesday, November 8th this week. If you have orthotics you have ordered this is your opportunity to pick them up.

If you still need to be fitted for orthotics you can sign up for an appointment here:

They will not be back at the union hall until Wednesday, December 13th and that will be it for this year. We have not established any dates for the new year yet.

This offer is for GM Cami hourly members of Unifor Local 88.

Under the GM Cami benefits plan, members are entitled to get orthotics covered once every 36 months. You must not have ordered orthotics within the last 36 months or your new orthotics will not be covered. You can check your eligibility with Green Shield directly.