The Benefits representatives are getting lots of calls today inquiring why no S.U.B. was paid out this week. In our Supplemental Agreement on page 7 (b) Payment of Benefits if states:

If the Company determines that a benefit is payable, it shall pay the Benefit on the Thursday of the Week following the Week the application for Benefit is approved. The Benefit will be paid through the regular payroll system. If, following payment, it is determined that the Benefit paid should be adjusted, the adjustment will be made on the Thursday next following the Week in which it is established that a correction is required.

This means with the layoff on March 20th, the earliest you can report your 2 weeks of lay off is April 3, 2020 , there may a few exceptions. The following week (April 5-9)you will receive one or two weeks of employment depending when you started your claim. Those weeks will then be reported to General Motors usually by April 12, 2020. Once the company has proof of payment they then will process S.U.B. payments which in most cases if will be deposited April 16th.

Joe Graves