In 2017 bargaining, we agreed to implement standardized Team Leader Testing as per BIQ 4 standards.   All GM plants in North America must meet BIQ 4 requirements to remain eligible for future product, standardized Team Leader Testing is part of this.  The testing is not hard.  There is a written test consisting of short answers that are mostly acronym descriptions and 4 fairly easy math questions, and you can use a calculator.  

At every team board there is a binder that explains all the acronyms and a copy of that same binder will be in the testing room for anyone to refer to.  After the written test there is a short interview with your group leader and a short interview with your assistant manager – this all follows the GMS guidelines.

Testing occurs on company time, you just need your group leader to set up the staffing.  The company will NOT be holding up team leader postings until September 1; they will be posted during August as they become open. Anyone who is a team leader by August 31 will be red-circled as a team leader.

Once you pass the test you will be included in the team leader pool. For future team leader postings, the most senior person (who posted for that specific job, is in the team leader pool, and has the ability to perform the work at the time the posting opens) will get job.

A score of 65% is considered a pass and if anyone does fail you can reapply in one month.  A successful pass of the written test will remain on file for 5 years or until you are confirmed into a team leader job. Once you are in the team leader group you do not have to redo the testing.   

We have been in contact with many other GM plants and the tests are all similar with short answers, math and interview stages.

The overall test is not remotely hard, it is just a requirement that is needed for upcoming GMS audits.