PLEASE NOTE – The Return to Work list continues to be updated, and some members have been notified personally, please contact your Union Rep for any required clarification.

Welcome Back Team! CAMI Assembly resumes operations on Tuesday April 2

We are just days away from our official start of production date for the vehicle assembly team.
Next week, our last few return-to work waves continue with the full B Shift team scheduled for the week April 2.

  • Week of Tues. April 2 (following the Monday holiday)
    o Shift Working – B shift
    o Shift Start Time: 7:00 am
  • Week of Mon. April 8
    o Shift Working – A Shift
    o Shift Start Time: 7:00 am

Remember to double check your return date and assignment at

RTW Info

Here you will find return to work information (sorted alphabetically by last name) for the majority of CAMI Assembly (production only) team members.
For further information on your specific situation, please contact your Department and Unifor representatives directly.

Going forward, we will resume the practice of posting the Operating Schedule on the plant portal at

Where to Report on Day One

 All team members returning on April 2 and 8 will report directly to their assigned departments.

At the beginning of the first shift back, team members will be requested to gather in these designated department locations:

  • Body Shop team members: Dock 76 entrance (across from north turnstile)
  • Paint team members: Workplace of Choice Lounge / Team Room (Column D31/32)
  • Assembly team members: GA repair area – Column C51
  • Quality team members: above the Supplier Action Center (SAC) Lab (formerly Quality Auditorium)
  • Global Supply Chain team members: above the Supplier Action Center (SAC) Lab (formerly Quality Auditorium)

Here, you will attend Return to Work orientation sessions that will set the stage for the rest of the week’s activities

Arriving at Work and Employee Badges

  • All turnstiles and badge readers will be fully operational
  • All employee badges will be activated and required to enter the building and to ensure you are paid accurately.
  • If you have any issues with your badge, please go to main security as you will be required to sign in through the main security entrance.

Bring your PPE! Safety footwear and safety glasses will be required on the first day.

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