On Wednesday, July 27th Unifor Local 88 representatives had the opportunity to join the Unifor 88/GM Cami Diversity and Inclusion committee to listen to author Mondiant Dogon describe his experience as a young child during the horrors of the Rwandan genocide in 1994. He recounted his ordeal of trying to survive in refugee camps, while also attempting to attain a basic education.  His story was riveting and we encourage folks to check out his book, detailing his experiences called “Those We Throw Away Are Diamonds”.

Dogon has also created a non-profit organization called the Mondiant Initiative (mondiantinitiative.org) whose mission is “to support refugees in their pursuit of higher education and advanced vocational training to transform their lives and the world around them. By contributing today, you’re expanding our capability to equip refugees with the necessary tools to create a future for themselves and their family when opportunity arrives.”  E-transfers will be accepted by Unifor Local 88 at admin@unifor88.ca which will in turn, be donated to the Mondiant Initiative.