Statement from Unifor National.

On November 20, workplaces and communities across Canada and around the world will take the time to observe Transgender Day of Remembrance and commemorate those individuals who have lost their lives or faced violence and discrimination due to transphobia. This serves as a time for our union to recommit to the work required to eliminate and reduce transphobia while building more respectful communities in which we live. Unifor’s National President Jerry Dias reaffirmed this commitment when one of his first official acts was to write a letter to Russian President Putin urging him to repeal recent laws and policies that severely infringe upon the individual and collective rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans citizens.

Dias announced his intention to contact Putin during his keynote speech at the Unifor Founding Convention, stating that Unifor will work to build a better society for all and that this includes not only Canadians but workers around the world.

Trans members of our union still face the reality of transphobia in their daily lives. Trans bashing is still a frequent occurrence. Trans workers and their families continue to experience oppression and discrimination.

Transgender Canadians are members of our union. They are members of our family. They are our neighbours. They are our friends. We are richer because of their participation and contributions in our union and in our communities.

Unifor is proud to stand in solidarity with our trans sisters and brothers.