Reposting from Unifor National.

Unifor recognizes and invites all members to celebrate Trans Day of Visibility on March 31. This annual day celebrates the value and resilience of transgender people, and all people of non-binary gender identity both within the union and around the world.

Trans people are those who identify with a gender other than the one assigned at birth, and exist within all countries, communities and religious groups around the world. This identity is separate from an individual’s sexual orientation.

Unifor wishes to honour our trans and non-binary members, who continue to help build our union and strengthen our movement. We thank them for their visibility, bravery and vulnerability.

Through their contributions and labour our union and society is made better, more educated and compassionate.

All people are born free and equal. Unifor condemns laws, societal and social discrimination and oppression targeting trans and non-binary people. This oppression is present in our workplaces, our union, and our communities. The violence faced by trans members is often amplified by racism, sexism, ableism and other forms of discrimination.

This year, on Trans Day of Visibility, the union re-commits to living up to the promise of building safe and harassment-free workplaces for all people, including and especially trans members.

In building the inclusive world that we aspire to achieve for all workers, transphobia and discrimination must be eliminated. When working people unite to not only defend, but to celebrate the lives of our trans sisters, brothers, and comrades, then our movement will be stronger.