We have all been emotionally moved from watching the horrific events unfolding in Ukraine. Many of our members have reached out to see how they can help. We have compiled a list of ways you can help those affected.

Unifor has donated $150,000 to support the Red Cross.


GM employees also have the option of donations through Socrates as well as payroll deductions.

GM Canada to Match Employee Donations

To respond to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, GM in the US is making a $250,000 dollar grant to The International Rescue Committee.
We know many GM Canada employees have been personally impacted by the conflict, as Canada has the 3rd largest Ukrainian population outside Russia and Ukraine. Like our U.S. colleagues, GM Canada will recognize employee donations made to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation and Help Us Help organizations with a dollar-for-dollar match up to $20,000
To learn more about these organizations and to make a donation through payroll deduction or credit card, visit the GM Cares Employee Giving site,
Select ‘Donate’ and click on the feature tile entitled Ukraine Humanitarian Aid.


Individual Donations 

Members can also donate right to the red cross directly. The Canadian government has announced a matching program up to $20 million