As we head into 2021, given all the challenges presented in 2020 with COVID, this term’s contract proposal is now being offered online.
This form is normally presented to the membership well in advance of bargaining to gain an understanding of the issues the membership want to bring to the bargaining table.

The Bargaining Committee wants to hear the members’ needs, wants and concerns.

If you are a current active member please take the time to fill out the form in its entirety.Paper copies will be available from your floor reps if needed.

Please answer all following questions. Personal information and additional comments are optional. Trade specific questions are located on page two.

There is room in the last section to expand on the questions or add your own comments or suggestions. Please take the time to include your comments. Its important.

You can also email

Please visit to register to vote!

Thank You.

Unifor Local 88 Bargaining Committee.