Union Hall/Office Update


The Fall 2022 session of the PEL/HSF courses at Port Elgin are now complete. The responses received from both participants and Port Elgin staff have all been positive.

The Spring/Summer 2023 session of the PEL/HSF courses at Port Elgin are now available on the local website. There is a limited number of spots available due to all the layoffs as contributions to these funds are based on actual hours worked in the plant by members.

The Family Education Program for 2023 is now available, applications are on the local website. All applications need to be processed through the offsite union office before being sent to Port Elgin for consideration.

On behalf of the Unifor Local 88 Executive Board and leadership. We would like to wish the membership of Unifor Local 88 and their families a Merry Christmas and safe holiday season enjoy the holidays. Please stay safe and see you all in the new year.



Inplant Update

Production – Top 400

For 2023, this is how the production schedule currently looks:

All team leaders are asked to report the weeks of January 16 and 23.

Then each shift will get 1 week of training;

  • January 30 – A shift
  • February 6 – B shift
  • February 13 – C shift


Starting February 20, A shift, plus anyone who is in the top 400 and elected to work full time begins working.  The cutoff number for the top 400 is #4732.

We still have close to 50 who have signed up for the ESA retirement/buyout option and we will continue to track those in the New Year.  We should have another 20-30 leaving between February and March.  If you are interested in retiring or would like a buyout through the ESA (Employment Standards Act) please contact our office in the New Year.  You must have 35 weeks of layoff in order to be eligible for this program.


Retiree’s & Buyouts 

We have just over 100 people either retiring or resigning CAMI on January 1.

Currently the numbers for January 1 are 83 retirements and 18 resignations.  Congratulations to all the new retirements and to the people who are leaving, good luck in your next chapters.


Oshawa & Woodstock

We have 2 people who are leaving for Oshawa on January 3 until the recall of our second shift.

We also have 10 people who will be going to Woodstock over the month of January until the recall of our second shift.  We had 45 people apply for Woodstock and we are hoping that Woodstock may take a few more yet depending on how their internal canvass goes.  The 10 members going to Woodstock will be contacted the first week of January for start dates.



Be advised that as a result of the Stat Holidays next week
PAY DAY will be one day later
Earnings/SUB for the week ending Dec 24th will be paid
Friday December 30, 2022


On behalf of the entire Inplant Committee we hope you all enjoy a very happy and healthy Christmas period.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good tight!!!