With the success of the past videos and the positive feedback we have received. We have decided to continue with the video updates. We will provide these videos on an “as needed” basis or if something should come up. Members are still welcome to submit questions to be answered.

Local 88 Communication committee would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer shutdown. These past months have required difficult adjustments and we should be proud of how we have all responded.

In this video update Joe and Mike discuss everything from callbacks of our remaining laid off members to retirements to what the auto industry in general is doing as well as possibilities for our future.

Important: If you are on Covid leave at the moment there is a special message from Mike especially for you.

Have a safe and healthy summer shutdown everyone.

Great Job 88!

See you after shutdown.

Captioning will be available shortly as soon as YouTube catches up.

Allan, Doris, Keith