Union Awareness Training

As a result of the 2021 Collective Agreement, Union Awareness Training will continue at Local 88.  The training will be conducted at the Unifor Local 88 Union Hall, 364 Victoria Street, Ingersoll.

5 Union Awareness Trainers Needed – 3 full time, 2 alternates.

All fulltime Union Awareness Trainers will be scheduled to work 40 hours per regular work week.  Their duties include tasks such as:

  • Conducting training
  • Maintaining the classroom and related materials
  • Completing any additional administrative items related to the training
  • Making necessary preparations for subsequent training sessions
  • Will require working all 3 shifts
  • Compiling attendance documents to be submitted to CAMI
  • Take instructions from the UAT Coordinator or the UAT Training Committee

If you are interested, you will need to submit a typed letter via email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Seniority number, shift and current job of record
  • Reasons why you would make a good UAT trainer
  • Any union involvement
  • Any community involvement
  • Any other factors/experience that you feel would be beneficial to the position

If there is mandatory Saturday overtime, you will be expected to work in your home department on the shift you are training on that week.

The application dates are from Monday, October 18 until 12 noon,  Friday, October 22.

Please send your application letter and/or any questions to: mike.vanboekel@gm.com

                                                                        In Solidarity, UAT Committee;

Brent Tree
Linda Leyten
Mike Van Boekel