Update – We will not be able to reply immediately to emails as we have been receiving quite a few (an understatement) if you have an immediate request please contact the union office by phone

Due to overwhelming requests we have begun the upcoming vacation/bank time booking process.  We will be doing all Round 1 of the vacation selection process and allow everyone the ability to book up to 2 full weeks of bank time if you have the available hours.
Proxy forms are located on the website (unifor88.ca) if you wish to fill one out and we will call you if your proxy selections do not work out.

Please realize we need to schedule close to 1700 members, this process will take lots of time to complete.

We will not necessarily be doing each department every day, so please have patience while we work through this.

  • Proxy forms can be emailed to
  • We will be calling all members who have not submitted a proxy
    • If there is any chance that your phone has changed, or you have an alternate number where you can be reached (like a cell phone) please send an email to m.murphy@gm.com or mike.vanboekel@gm.com
  • and include your;
    • name
    • seniority number
    • department
    • team and shift
  • As always there will be a separate Bank Time Scheduling Calendar and members can schedule those hours at the same time if they wish up to 2 weeks
  • We are unsure at this time how long the current layoffs will last so it is our intention to complete the vacation selection as soon as possible
  • There will be a short period we will wait for a response if we are not able to contact any individuals and then we will be moving on