GM has put a deadline of December 1 to complete the Vaccination Survey.  There is a huge difference between not completing the survey by December 1 and being undecided on December 13 to be vaccinated.

You can go on the survey and just choose “elect not to declare”.  That will allow you to work two more weeks until December 12.

I want to be clear to those that have not completed the survey, our grievance is not a strong case.  You may not agree with the survey, and i will be filing a grievance later this week on how this survey was done, however on an individual basis, your case is not strong.

Answer the survey, you don’t have to reveal any medical information, just choose the option that you wish not to state your status.  That will get us to the December 13 date.  If you elect not to be vaccinated by that date then we have a much better argument.  I’m not saying we will win, but by not doing the survey you are really tying your own hands.

Mike Van Boekel