We hope everyone is doing well. This is an unprecedented time in our history and it’s important we all stick together and help out one another. Being this is such different times we thought it would be important to time stamp this moment in our lives as well as have some fun!

So here’s what we want to do. Have our members record and send in 15-90 second video of things you and family are doing to stay busy. How are you feeling? Maybe have some tips to share? Maybe just want to say hi to missed co-workers. Thank our essential workers.  Whatever you want. Keep it clean, keep it light. Kids and pets allowed. If video isn’t your thing, make a sign with a message, Or snap a selfie or pic.

We will collect them all and make one giant video montage and share it across all our platforms. Be nice to see how everyone is doing. Stay safe. Stay healthy!

Lets have some fun and cure some boredom.

Send Videos or Pics to Unifor88.ca@gmail.com

Watch the Video below for instructions.