Hello Local 88,

We have another adjusted shift schedule out today that reflects the week before Labour Day and after that into September.

Instead of being confused by the ever changing schedule there is a solution.
You can add all the dates to your device and we will keep it updated for you.

Step 1:
 Click here —->  Calendar page on our website and scroll down to the
“Add Our Calendar To Your Device” and click the button.

Step 2:
On the next page click on the appropriate button for your type of device.
Then follow your devices prompts to add the calendar dates to your device.

Please note: you can add the dates to any of your devices not just your phone including laptops and desktops.

We update the calendar within a day of when we get new information and these changes will get pushed to your calendar as long as you are subscribed by the method listed above.

You don’t have to do anything to make changes they will happen automatically!

If you have any problems adding to your device please contact Keith Ackworth or myself,
Allan Fisher, and we will be happy to assist.