Hello everyone it’s been a busy weekend.

We have given the website and app a new coat of paint. Cleaned thing up and added a couple of features.

1) Events Calendar – There is an events calendar on the main page now. Tap/Click on one of the dots on the calendar to see info. On it you can find shift schedules, Membership meeting dates, and Committee events etc.

2) Events poster gallery – posters for all Local events can be found here.

3) Social Links – Links to all of our social media platforms are along the top of the page along with a link to our podcast and the hall office phone and contact email.

4) Helpful Links – A link on the main page to take you to as much helpful information that we could think of. From GM discounts, Call in numbers, to Weather, CBA’s, and commonly used forms.

The rest of the website might look a bit different but we made sure to leave the same info on the same pages in the same places on the website.

As always anything you don’t see that you think would be helpful let us know. You can send us an email here.

In Solidarity,

Local 88 Communications Committee.