** Please note the list has been modified – originally, paint had 4 paint temp jobs, that was a mistake. Paint have 4 temp jobs in total, 2 per shift, so the canvas has 35 jobs on B shift, not 37.

Also, there will be 5 new Extended Launch postings going up today. The Launch Team have lots of work and are in need of more people. The Launch jobs are split into different areas: 2 will be posted Plant Wide open to everyone with the ability to perform the work and have posting rights, and the other 3 are departmental specific. The company is saying they have enough work in Launch for years, so these jobs are not being posted for the short term. As well, 10 secondary jobs are also being posted. While it would be nice to know all new jobs coming, the new Brightdrop program and the Battery plant are both new, so expect additional jobs to come along as we continue to increase production.

We have our list of jobs to canvas A shift members to work full time starting April 2, for assignments during their layoff weeks.

A shift members will be getting called starting today to pick a job for an open position on B shift.
Your answer will lock you in until October. If you say yes, you will work full time, if you say no, we do not come back to you.

Reps will begin calling today – please remember this is for A shift members only – we will be canvassing B shift next week as they would start covering A shift the week of April 8.
This first canvas involves 37 openings for A shift.

There will be future canvasses that will start from where this canvas stops as more openings occur (we have approx 15 postings currently on going that will create 15 more holes, plus Woodstock job postings, etc).

Copy v2 of A shift Senior to Work on B Shift 3 21 2024