Author: Mike Van Boekel


  At 11am this morning Pioneer Seeds announced the Here’s to Hometowns Contest and Hickson won!!!!! On behalf of my family, THANK YOU you very much to all my brothers and sisters of Local 88.  The prize money of $50 000 will do many great things for Hickson and the county of Oxford.   The contest ran a long time but thanks very much for sticking to it and continuing to vote.  It does pr...


We have been informed today that GM will be recalling 25 members on our lay off list to begin full time December 3.  Please make sure the company has your correct phone number and address as they will begin contacting people today.  Feel free to call the inplant office at (519) 425-3134 ext. 3340 or 3341 if you are wondering where you stand on the list. Contact Us    

Job Opportunity

There is a business that has called me and asked if I knew anyone who is looking for work.  It is a 2 week job assignment located in Dunnville, Ontario. They will pay for your hotels for the 2 weeks and you can come home on the weekend.  It is installing feeding equipment so they ask that you have some basic knowledge of tools. If anyone is interested please call McQuipment. Ask for Shirley Please...

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