Due to the addition of the Battery Department, we had to rezone our internal zones for Committee Person (rep) coverage.

The only question we had to look at was: “What is the best layout for our membership?”

We looked at a number of issues, such as number of members per zone, geographical layout, expansion, and departmental meetings and continuity –  we now have one rep for all 3 main areas in assembly and one rep for all material handling in the main plant.

The “map” below shows our new zone layout.

Mike Van Boekel rolled this out at the October membership meeting.

As the Battery Department tooling begins to take shape, the company wanted the Battery zone reps available in the near future for meetings and various staffing decisions, so we needed to identify who those reps would be.

C shift – Mario Difelice

A shift – Spencer O’Brien

B shift – Ryan Roberts

The Battery Dept is progressing well. The first cell was just installed. They’re even a little ahead of schedule. We will update information on this as we receive it. We hope to create a video in the near future of the new Dept. Keep an eye on the website or subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Unifor Local 88