Members Area Questions.

Yes you can here’s how…
Go to your profile page
Click on Settings

Click on Email

Edit which notifications you want/don’t want


When you click on the area to make a post an icon of a mountain will appear to the bottom left of the typing window…click that and add.

Click on the Member you want and it will take you to their profile page. To the right of their profile picture you will see the add friend button.

Easy as That.

If you want to tag someone in a message use their @username and they will get an email letting them know.
You can find their @username in their profile or if you think you may know kinda start typing it and you will get suggestions if you are close.
Example I’m @grey-jedi

For now we are unable to do it through the app, we are working on that.

You need to request the desktop site from within your mobile browser, see pics below.


Step 1)                                  Step2)



Apple iOS

Step 1)                                  Step 2)


Then You can add pics to your status updates or Bulletin Board or Events posts.


Site Questions.

All rep contact info and pictures can be found on this page. Sortable by Zone, Rep type and Shift.

All Unifor 88 union reps

To download an updated version of all calendars use the link below and scroll down to the bottom click/tap on “add our calendar to your device” 3 options will pop up. select the one you want under your device type. Next screen (top right) click/tap add all. then done.

 Calendar link

The new CBA once finished, will be view-able on our members only page

The union hall office number is


For other numbers please click on the Contact us menu at the top.

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