Edited ** The original list posted did not contain the available jobs to choose from. Our apologies.

Final Canvas for Limbo Members

We are now at the final stage to finalize the work charts.

Battery jobs are finalized, C shift has been reduced and the departments have been purified – we are now at the final stage, to purify the rest of the plant.

We are posting a list for the final members to be canvassed and the available jobs (marked in RED) are listed.

The Union Reps will be calling these members starting at 8am on Monday.  The list will be completed by Tuesday morning.  If we cannot get ahold of anyone on the list we will put you in the best available job remaining on the list.  When the Union Reps call you on Monday they will explain how you ended up on this list (all reductions have been done purely by seniority).

Once this canvas is completed, a final work chart showing everyone will be posted.

The next round of postings will then begin.

The next 3 Woodstock jobs were posted today – we do not have control of Woodstock posting timelines – they inform CAMI when they want the next jobs posted.