the sign up to retiree or remain off work ends Thursday at 7pm.
If you were a former EMD member, and you are thinking of retiring in 2024 – at any time up to and including January 1, 2025, please read this update.

Right now we have a program in place that allows you to collect SUB until you retire later this year.
At the end of this program, you would be entitled to the ESA payment which is government mandated.
If you were a former EMD member this should get you approx $27 000 in gross pay.
If you are thinking of retiring at all this year, you should be talking to our benefit reps about possibly leaving now – if your looking to optimize your money, you should take a serious look at this now. The deadline is Thursday at 7pm – they are there at the Union Hall today until 7pm as well.
If you return to work and we go 2 shif’ts or you are working and do not attain 35 weeks of layoffs when you retire there would no longer be the $27 000 bonus paymnent.